Making a Postpartum Plan

I'm so excited for this section! Why? Well sometimes I feel like as moms and expecting moms we get so excited planning for the birth and for baby's first few hours that we forget to take the time to plan out those first 6 weeks! The thing that I find even crazier is that in our current healthcare model we don't see new mamas back for their postpartum visit until 6 weeks after the birth (unless there is a complication or a need for an incision check).

Below you'll find what I believe are some of the key points to consider in creating your postpartum plan:

7 Key Areas to Consider When Making your Postpartum Plan


This includes time for yourself (albeit limited!), daily fresh air or a short walk, connecting with friends, going for acupuncture or a massage, etc... This also includes time to reflect on your birth experience and share about it with your doula or a friend that can listen and support you without judgement.


This includes bonding with your baby, bonding with your partner, and bonding as a new family!


This includes deciding when you'd like to have visitors and how you'd like them to help when they do visit. This includes deciding who you want to have visit you after the birth (if anyone!) in the birth center or at your home.


Finances can be a stressful topic, for sure. But here's the thing, what if you could start talking with your partner about your finances and your baby budget before the 3rd trimester rolls around. Now maybe you and your hubby are both accountants, in which case, you probably started talking about the baby budget way before you even got pregnant ;), but if not, it's something to consider.

Crunching the Numbers

I remember sitting at my dining room table a few weeks before my daughter was due, crunching the numbers. I was trying to figure out how I could return to my job as a clinic nurse part-time and still be able to afford daycare. It was stressful, but also empowering! I realized that if I really looked at the numbers, no matter what it looked like, I could rely on myself to figure it out. The plan might be perfect, but at least I had a plan.

I love this book and I totally recommend it to any couple and any new parents! It's called YNAB: You Need a Budget. The couple that wrote this book has also created an amazing website filled with resources. The bottom line idea is their "Rule #1" which is: "Give every dollar a job". Their philosophy has really helped me look at my finances differently. Their book helped me realize that I could set my goals first and then find a way to redirect my spending to help me accomplish my goals. Basically, I realized that I did have a choice in my financial future and that I could take action to correct the past and still save for future.

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Being Creative

Being creative includes looking at all the options, including how you can get more help!

Q. What kind of help do you need in the first weeks and months postpartum so that you can create the space to enjoy time with your baby without feeling super stressed?


Reconnecting is all about leaning in to your new identity. Even if you're already a mom, being a mom of 2 or 3 or more littles is a new challenge. I had a chat with my acupuncturist and she shared with me how as she prepared for the birth of each of her children part of her felt some sadness when she recognized that the baby of the family would no longer be the baby when the newborn came along. Really this is about shifting relationships, your new identity, and accepting and letting go of certain things.

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